Personal Life

Sunidhi Chauhan's Personal Life

She was taken birth in Delhi and grew up at the same place. She was directed to singing...btn


Sunidhi Chauhan's Controversies

Anu Malik claimed that singer Sunidhi Chauhan, a co-judge, is getting more attention in...btn


Sunidhi Chauhan's Career

Sunidhi Chauhan, a voice so unique and different was surprisingly  born in Delhi..btn


She was married to choreographer Bobby Khan in the year 2002. At that time, her age was just 18 years. She was separated from her parents as they protested this marriage which made her impression bad in front of her sister as well. As the case went on as the big issue, the couple separated and Sunidhi filed a case of divorce against her husband. She was provided support by Annu Kapoor, who helped her as her mentor at all times. Within a year, the couple got divorced from each other. She married once again in the year 2012 with her childhood friend.